Hi and welcome to my first official Blog page….

With a simple click of a mouse button, digital technologies are now an integral part in how educators plan and use teaching resources………

chalk board

When I was a student at school, we used black boards and chalk. (Hard to believe I know!) As a student, the most advanced technology I had in my classroom was an over head projector…..


30 years ago…… is a drop in the ocean!….. It blows your mind at how fast things have improved and how teaching has evolved and with it, the digital technology resources available.

As you are surfing through my blog… ask yourself……’how the classroom has changed and more importantly how differently students are learning’.

The purpose of my blog page is to assist those of us that aren’t ‘digital natives’ (Teaching with ICT, 2012) on some topics and some resources that will assist with teaching in a Digital world.

See you on the web!

Rose 🙂


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